0800 Freephone Numbers

Encourage more customers to call you with a freephone number.

With an 0800 / 0808 number, customers can call you for free as you, the receiver, pay for all incoming calls. Independent research has shown that advertising a freephone number can dramatically increase response rates as over 90% of consumers recognise 0800 as being free to call.

  • Setup fee: from £25 (for standard numbers)
  • Monthly charge: £4.95
  • Calls routed to a landline: 5p per min
  • Calls routed to a mobile: 15p per min

When calls are made to freephone numbers from either BT payphones or UK mobiles there is a surcharge of £1 per min from a payphone and 2p per min from a mobile. We can block calls from payphones if you do not wish to incur this surcharge.

You can purchase optional add-on call management features if you require more than just basic call routing/forwarding.

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