Auto Attendant / IVR

Ensure your callers are routed to the right place, quickly and efficiently.

An Auto Attendant / IVR allows you to route callers to certain departments or individuals based on the option(s) they have selected from a recorded menu. The welcome greeting and menu options can either be recorded by you, us, or a professional voice artist.

For example:

“Welcome to XYZ Limited. Please choose from one of the following options…”

“Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Customer Services, Press 3 for Accounts”

Calls can be routed wherever you like such as to landlines, mobiles, recorded information, voicemail or our live call answering service.

  • Setup fee: from £10 (depending on the complexity of your requirements)
  • Monthly charge: £2.95

This is an add-on call management feature and the above costs are per phone number you have with us.

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