Call Queuing

No more engaged tones; receive multiple calls at once.

In an ideal world, when customers call your business, they would be connected to real person straight away. However, as many business owners know, this isn’t always possible despite your best endeavours.

Rather than callers hearing an engaged tone and having to redial multiple times (which many customers wouldn’t bother to do), the solution is a Call Queue.

This enables your phone number(s) with us to receive unlimited calls at once and your callers will simply hear a polite message with neutral music advising them that you’ll be with them as soon as possible. It can also announce their position in the queue if you wish.

Your Call Queue can be further customised to route calls to multiple landlines and mobiles as well as voicemail or our live call answering service.

  • Setup fee: £10
  • Monthly charge: from £9.95 (depending on your requirements)

This is an add-on call management feature and the above costs are per phone number you have with us.

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