Answers to common questions.

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Q: How do virtual numbers work?

A: Whenever someone calls your virtual number, we simply route/forward it to the landline or mobile number you’ve specified. The caller will not be aware that their call is being diverted.

Q: What’s the benefit of using virtual numbers?

A: Virtual numbers allow much flexibility. You can have numbers in any area without the need to have physical lines installed. You can also utilise our Call Management features without having to buy expensive phone systems/equipment.

Q: How quickly will my number(s)/services(s) be setup?

A: Standard numbers and services are typically ready to use the same day, normally within an hour or so. More complex requirements may take slightly longer.

Q: Will the number be mine?

A: Any number(s) you have with us are yours to use for as long as you need them.

Q: What’s the billing process?

A: The first payment will be for any relevant setup fees and monthly charges in advance. Moving forward, we’ll invoice you on or around the 1st of every month for the month’s service ahead and any minutes accrued in the previous month.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Credit / Debit card or Direct Debit.

Q: How do I change where my number is routed/forwarded to?

A: You can do this from within our Call Control panel or by emailing support@numbersetc.co.uk

Q: Can I add or remove Call Management features?

A: Yes you can add or remove any call management features whenever you need to.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: We operate a simple rolling monthly agreement, so you won’t be tied into any long contracts. Stay with us because you want to, not because you have to!

Q: How do I cancel?

A: If you wish to cancel all or part of any of your numbers or services with us, please put your request in writing to support@numbersetc.co.uk